Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crush !

Hye my dear crush. You are my first crush and I adored you since we were primary school. HEK HEK HEK. And i know you got interested on me like i do too. Why i said like that? Because you too fell in love with me once before this. Even for a while :)

We did like the other love birds did. We also had couple couple things. Euww. But yes, it makes me happy even the time we spent together just for a while. And now you are happy with other. And so do i :')

Argh let's just forget about the past.

But i still have crush on you. You are my crush forever. HIHI. I just can't forget you. But i can control myself.  You don't have to worry my dear. I won't bite you. Yeah i promise. HAHA.

Well, if we meet after this, i know how to act in front of you. I swear, i will keep my feeling and won't let our friends know about us. But i wish, i don't have to meet you on our school reunion because i'm afraid i will fall for you again :/

Yeah. I admit it. I'm happy when you like my pictures, my status and even put some comments on them. :) And i also admit it, when you're online and you do not say hello to me, i'm sad. Yes i am :(

Can we be like before? I mean just a friend. Ehh no, please be my best friend just like before. Please? *Sigh*

 I just miss you. It’s as complicated, yet as simple as that.


Okay. Papai ! :D

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reenapple said...

crush ..huuu. Aku pernah alami.. haha. Tapi jangan terlalu bersedih..Soon you will be strong again.. you will realize someday you gonna be much better without him soon.. =)