Wednesday, May 18, 2011

day 2 : 10 things you love

1. The most i love is my creator. Our creator. Who is sustain. Only HIM. Allah S.W.T

2. Secondly of course my Rasulullah S.A.W. I am not a so-pious person but i try my best to be the one. A pious person :)

3. My beloved family. I heart them too much. Especially my parents. Without them, i will not been here.

4.My special coussy. Why special? Because she is not only my coussy but also be my sister, my best ever bestfriend and my secret diary. She knows everything about me.

Suka sangat berposing. Hampeh. Haha

5.My friends. My besties. They are also everything to me. Miss them a lot.

Anugerah Kecemerlangan Mahasiswa.*AKM*

6.My so-ugly-lappy. Yeah. It is ugly. So outdated. So what? I still love it. Haha

7.My phone opcos. Now i have 3 handphones and all of them are Nokia. Nokia is connecting people. Oke. Haha

8.My camera. I have use it for 3 years. Now i try to find the new one. Anyone. Suggestion pliss :)

9.My lovely bed. My untidy room. My closets. Haha

10.Last but not least. Haha. I love my prince charming. I love him oke.

P/S: Maaf ye kalau entry ini berunsur gedik. Aww


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papa papa mericanoo.haha