Thursday, April 21, 2011

Part 1: Obstacles !!

Three papers are waiting to be answered on Monday, Thursday and the last one is on Saturday.

Alhamdulillah, i can answer my first paper very well yesterday and i hope i will get A for Selling paper.The questions was kind a direct question, not a complex one like usually and i study hard for that paper even it was not so hard though. Ngee~

So yesterday as we planned before, we went for karaoke last night. But so many obstacles we went through before that.

*In the evening*

-  After we done our first paper,my friend asked me to book two room for karaoke.But unfortunately there were no places that we can karaoke because all  of the places were fully booked whether in Machang or in Tanah Merah. But luckily, my classmates helped us and we got two rooms in Jerteh.

- After that we call the owner to rent two cars but she seems not to allow us to rent her cars after the Euw-Euw things happened in her car. The Euw-Euw things was 2 students of UiTM Machang bersetubuh having sex in her car last two month if i not mistaken. Haish. Subhanallah. But luckily, my housemates got to rent the cars from other place.

*At night*

- After solat isyak, about 8.40 p.m we had our dinner at restaurant in front of our house. Before that we still had time to capture picture at the restaurant. Wanna see it? Hold on :)

This picture i took from Little Najwa Fesbuk :). She came from UiTM Melaka just to visit us. So sweet she is right? Owh bytheway, she used to be our classmates but then she took fast track so now she is studying for her degree. Dah lama tak jumpa dia. Rindu dia gila-gila dowh * ni ayat amik ati je teha,kau jgn cye sgt tau* HAHA

So thats all for today, i just arrived at home after having a date with my sweetheart just now. Just wait for the continue okay. Buhbyeeee :)


Anonymous said...

An honest man nearly always thinks justly.

Lieyda said...

yepp dats rite :)