Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final Exam

Final exam is just around the corner and i still here,blogging.Uhh.Whats wrong with me.?! Why i am so lazy?! When i pick up a book,my eyes will close slowly.It is like something lullaby me when i study.Hee~Oke Lieyda,please stop fooling around kayh, you just giving excuses and excuses because it is clear that you are absolutely LAZY!

Oke oke fine..Yes i admit that i am a-very-totally lazy person.When it comes to final exam owh god,i swear i afraid of final exam but the things is,even the final exam is a-so-horror-things, i can still playing around without any guilt.

I still can hang out with friends till late at night, still can go for shopping and still can have fun by karaoke last night! And last thing i did today was had a date with my sweetheart. Damn i miss him so much even though we just met last Friday!  Haha See see see.How relax i am even final exam is just two-days to go.People,please pray for me so that i can be a super-duper-extremely-hardworking girl that can stay up to study for her final.Please people.I am begging you even i know this all things are up to me.But who know,with all your prayers,i will change to be a hardworking girl even a little bit. Ngee~

Haha how shameless i am.Isn't it? Hik3.Okeyh,let us be serious. I maybe will not update my blog perhaps as often as now, but i will try to update it if i have free time.I try to get into dean list for my last semester.I try to study as long as it is not over-limit my will.

Oke people,got to go now.See yarr next time :D

Goodluck to all my friends and may we come out with flying colours of result :)

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che' reysa said...

gud lux dada..
stdy2 jgn layan sgt blog nim..
xkemananya~ececece sdp ku advise deme..hehehe