Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Counting for the freedom !

Yeah yeah yeah ! So now i have another two papers to count on. Yeah. So relieved right now. The burdens seems to fly away from me. After these two papers i will be free for four months or something like that before i continues my degree level. I love this kind of feeling. Feeling of to be free !

Well yesterday after done with the papers, i met my sweetheart. Yeah i know i know. Nowadays, i met my sweetheart so frequently right? I do not know why but i am always miss my sweetheart badly like we are not meeting for years.! *wink* This week i met him two-days in a row. Wahwahwah. This happen when i bring my car here. When i bring my car here, i always wanna go out, have a date with my sweetheart even i have another papers to study on ! T___T

Owh after that, at night, i went out with my housemates.We hang out around this area, went out for a big dinner outside from this area and then we went to funfair at Kok Lanas. We had fun at there, some of my friends try to have Ferris wheel and it was awesome though even i was not in it. I cant be in that thing because i will feel dizzy and maybe vomit. That will be so ashamed! HAHA

Oke thats all for today. I need to study. I want to get A in all subjects. I want to score this semester even i am not satisfied with yesterday's paper. So frustrated. Even i will not get A for that subject, at least i hope i will get A- or B+ for that subject. Hope so..Hurm


Bubye peeps. Please pray for my success :)

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