Monday, February 28, 2011

Mood spoil

Hye buddies..

Ehmm.I am in a good mood rite now.But not so good actually.There is something stuck in my head.Urgh.I got two news today.First was a very good news because our proposal of our academic trip on this Wednesday DAH LULUS .And all the things related to the trip is settle, so nothings to worry for rite now.

But the second news was a bad one.Ehmm,.My friend called me this evening and she told me that i have a presentation tomorrow.Pfftt.I dont know anything about this presentation.What i knew was,yes,it is true that our group have to present once again but it not a mandatory though!

Our madam said on the last thursday that,we can choose either we want to present or not present once again.So of course la we say NO!But my friend said that i have to present it ALONE tomorrow.WADEFAK!Dahla tak gitau awal-awal and sekarang mood untuk pergi trip dah spoil dah sebab benda tuh..Arghh.Hangen aku camni.*ROAR*
 makan budak!makan budak!grrr

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