Friday, February 25, 2011

Hana Tajima

Hello everyone...

Today i am going to tell about hana tajima...Yeah,i know i know,i am outdated rite??People talk about her long time ago and i am just about to talk about her now.So funny.HAHA.

Who is she actually?Hurm me either dont know her but my friends always talk about her since last week.So with the anxious feeling,i ask and see,now i know her even not know her personally.Oke la tu kan,dari orang duk bercakap-cakap pasal dia then aku yang tak tahu ape-ape ni just terkebil-kebil melihat diorang bercakap without interupting.UHH.

Her name is Hana Tajima Simpson.Kacukan japan-british and just convert into islam 6 years ago.Now she is 24 years old.Stil young rite?But she is a married one,so boys outside,dont you dare to usha-usha this pretty lady oke? :D

Enjoy those pixa oke :)

Into the light.

palazzo from

Owh forget.She is a fashion designer at United Kingdom.She is very talented and a stylish girl..Tengoklah gambar-gambar tu.Sooo fashionable.I wish i can be like her one day even i know that i have no that gift.Haish..

Sangat flawless kan??*Jeles-jeles*


And below this is the tutorial how she dress the clothes and scarves *Grammar failed*haha

U can search it on Vimeo

p/s:arghh.sudah.sangat jeles oke.Bye! :D
Enjoy it peeps :)


A.s.t.i.n.a said...

i knew her! i knew! but she dont knoe me lah... sosss sobsss

Lieyda said... either dear ;(

ReEnApPLe said...

hahaha... lol... daaa berzaman-zaman orang duk cakap sal dia... heheha
baru tao yer kamoo??? hehhee
betul3... dia comel gegiler... hehehe
harap dapat jadik cam dier... heheheh

Lieyda said...

hahaha.i am so outdated rite??haha