Sunday, January 2, 2011

New semester starting tomorrow :(

Argggghhhh..Tension nya,esok dah kena balik Machang tapi still unpacked those things yet.Why?Because saya tersangatlah lah malas untuk packing-packing barang neyh.And now,i still unpacked even a single things.Haiyaaaa!

muka tensen*Grrr

But i am so happy indeed because this semester will be my last semester.Then i will get my diploma scroll.Hip hip hooray!!I will do my best effort for this semester.As we all know,if our cgpa is below 3 pointer,it will make us in trouble when we apply degree.Homaigoodd,i am too afraid if next semester i can not increase my cgpa even rite now my cgpa is still 3 pointer and above..Owh,i will try harder to get 4flat.*err,is it too much to have this kind of ambitions??hehe*Wish me best of luck everybody..weee~ o(^,^)p

Study Mood

P/S: study,study and study..Study is my priority rite now :)

tapi still malas packing barang sekarang.haishh


ReEnApPLe said...

gud luck 4 new semeter starting...huhu

Lieyda said...

thanks dear,u too gudluck for ur exm result :)

Affan Ruslan said...

biasalah tu, bila nak start g hostel balik, berat je hati nak mengemas. heheh..

Lieyda said...

a'ah.tau xpe..huhu
eh,sudah polo kamu :)