Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to attract more viewers on our sites??

Hye peeps..

Soalan ni dah lama stuck dalam saya punya mind..Macam mana nak buat blog kita makin menarik eh?Macam mana nak attract orang view kita punya blog and macam mana nak jadi blogger yang kreatif.Sudah 2 3 minggu soalan ni mengganggu fikiran saya.Ehmm..

So please, if you all know how to attract the viewers,give me some inputs please..I really hope for it and really appreciate it.Thanks buddies :)

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ReEnApPLe said...

from what i know d\from the other blogger...
they actually always wrote something that's funny... fresh idea... n sometimes... something that we never thought to wrote about it...
n plus... should fine a lots frieng in blogger's life too..
doing bw or sort oh it... hehehe

Lieyda said...

yepyep.i think so too.but it is hard to do..i am not kind of full of interesting ideas my dear..i dont have dat talent :(

ReEnApPLe said...

sooo.. asa la bakat tue... hehehe

Lieyda said... aja ak deh