Monday, November 1, 2010


first of all,i would like to thanks to allah cos give me a good health till today even dis few days i got fever,but i stil breath till today.. (alamak,terjiwang lak).HAHA..i feel more better dis heart,my feelings n my everthing is back to normal..thank you allah..i get my normal life back n i just can hope,dis will lasting forever :) (: 
before dis,i aint even can b hepi..yeapp.outside people see me hepi but inside,oh gosh,i just cant describe how sad,how suffer i am..i was having a heartache before n it was realy disaster :(
but now,i just can laugh hepily even i stil worry about dat.i hope,dat things will not happen twice.i just hope n really hope..AMIN..
well,pain cant b described wif words is killing inside.face wif love problems owez make people life too.i cant stdy well,eat well (bia mkn xkba igt pn,haha) but opcos,im losing my appetite but xla smpai xmkn lsg bcos my weight is increasing now..opss..wrong topics.hahaha
well dear,i just can say dat i love u with all my heart :))

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